Joomla / Gantry Cannot Add Single Article to Menu Link

Scratched my head over this one for quite some time.

Using a vanilla installation of Joomla 3.4.8 with Gantry framework 5.2.11 using Hydrogen theme 5.2.11. I was trying to add a “Single Article” to a menu link, but every time I would click the “Select”

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How to Move Exchange Server 2013 Logging Directory

Exchange Server 2013 introduces a whole slew of improvements and new features. According to a posting over on TechNet, Exchange 2013 “…has drastically increased the amount of logging that happens by default.   So much so that the suggested free space for the install of 2013 on the C: drive is now up to 30 GB.”

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Enable firewall ports for HPDM 4.6

HP Device Manager (HPDM) 4.6 requires a number of server-side ports to be open for communication with HPDM agents installed on thin clients. Here is a quick script to enable the essential firewall ports required for inbound inbound traffic to the HPDM server.

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